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Simply Lazare by Michael Bondanza

Triple Zero Award
Michael Bondanza awarded AGS Triple Zero Award by American Gem Society August 2006. The Triple Zero Award - Signifying the highest grade a diamond can recieve in AGS nomenclature ~ this award was established to recognize members of the jewelry industy for their accomplishments and contributions.

Drawing and Design

From Anvil to Laser

Heavy Tools Bench

Galaxie Bracelete Parts

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The Galaxy bracelet was commissioned by Lux Bond & Green for the Museum of Science in Boston for the exhibit in collaboration with Lucasfilm, Ltd....Star Wars: where Science Meets Imagination. Following the Boston debut, the 10,000 square foot exhibit will travel to science centers nationwide. The exhibition explores how real life engineers might approach the technical challenges posed by intergalactic travel, robotics, and the man/machine boundary, and invites visitors to experiment with their own solutions! (exhibit opens at the Museum of Science (Boston) 10/27/05 & runs thru 4/30/06)

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